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Our Results

2018 GCSE results will be published here following results day on Thursday 23rd August 2018.

2018 Results
A Level

We are celebrating the second year of most of our students achieving at least their target grades or above.   

We are extremely happy with the results of the year 13 students. 29% of grade where A*/A or better and 43% B or above and 75% C or above. 100% gained at least 2 A Levels or equivalent and 94% of students have gained at least 3 qualifications.

Results are better than last year A*-B last year was 23% this year its 43%, A* - C last year was 60% this year its 75% last year 74% got 3, this year it's 94.

Principal Joy Ballard said ‘Although our 6th form is relatively small, it means we can focus individually on every child and I am delighted with the progress these students have made. We wish all of our students the very best for their futures and looks forward to receiving regular updates from them as to how they are doing'.

Congratulations also go to Louis in Year 10 for achieving an A in his AS Dance whilst in Year 10.

2017 results


48% of our students achieved a grade 4 or better in English and maths, with 61% gaining a 4 or better in English and 59% gaining a 4 or better in maths.  Our Progress8 score has improved by 15%, going from -0.4 last year to -0.25 this year.

Joy Ballard, Principal, said ‘These are the best results in our history as an Academy and what I would consider to be the start of our journey towards excellence. Although we are celebrating our results today we know we can do even better.   

This proves that despite some of the negativity directed towards island schools, our students can and will succeed. We are aiming to build on this, and combined with our new build that we are moving into this year we know that we can create a school our students, staff, parents and indeed the island can be proud of.

We would like to wish all our students all the best for the future and encourage them to continue to #ShineBright’.

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