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Time Capsule Burial - 7 November 2016

posted 4 Nov 2016, 07:11 by Nat Admin   [ updated 29 Dec 2016, 04:08 ]

Work on the new school at Ryde Academy is progressing well and the building is beginning to take shape. A time capsule which students put together was buried in the grounds of the new school on Friday 4 November 2016 at a ceremony attended by the Student Council, Head Boy and Girl, Chairman of the Council, Leader of the Council and long serving staff.

Principal, Joy Ballard, said:

‘It has been brilliant to see the project start rising from the ground and now we have reached the exciting phase where we can begin to get students and staff involved in the building of our new school’. We have lots of plans for the future including a farewell to the old building when the time comes for it to be demolished.’

The time capsule is due to be opened on 4th November 2066.

Dear future us

We are so glad that you found our time capsule which we buried in 2016. We hope that some of our students are there to see it being uncovered!

We have included lots of different items to be buried in our capsule but it was very difficult to choose as there was so much we could put in!

Not knowing how the world is in 2066 we thought it would be helpful to include a list of the contents in case some no longer exist!

We hope the world is a happy place!

- A TV guide so you can see what we watched on television (Do they still exist?)
- A copy of a celebrity magazine
- Copies of History exam papers – Do History students learn about us now?
- A copy of the order of service for the event to commemorate the end of the Battle of the Somme. One of our students attended the event and read the poem ‘A soldier’s Song’
- A bird’s eye view of our school from the 1990s
- A copy of our local magazine The Beacon
- The latest guide to Education providers on the island including our advert on page 23
- A leaflet outlining the support we offer student with Special Educational Needs
- A booklet showing all the after school clubs we have on offer in 2016/17
- Two copies of our Newsletter
- Two CDs of our dance team competing in Rock Challenge in 2013 and 2014
- A copy of our prospectus
- A CD with time lapse images of the new school being constructed
Letters from some of our Prefects to their future selves
- A copy of the Academy’s latest headlines
- A school tie (worn by girls and boys)
- Two coins to commemorate the Queen’s 90th birthday which was celebrated in 2016
- A smart phone – no teenager’s life is worth living without one!
- Our anti-bullying band which staff students brought to show their support against bullying #RydeAcademyAgainstBullying
- A student planner – this is something our students carried with them at all times and contains their timetables and all the information they need for the school day.
- A copy of ‘Of Mice and Men’ a book studied by KS3 (lower school)
- A Poppy which are sold to raise money and commemorate those killed and injured in war
- A selection of badges that our highest achieving readers can earn
- A certificate signed by the Leader and the Chairman of the Council and the High Sheriff, a medallion and information about Queen Victoria – kindly donated by the Chairman of the Council

We have also included a folder with:
- A list of our predictions (by students)
- newspaper articles (do newspapers still exist in print?) about us
- Example of our current monetary system
- A copy of our canteen menu and a photo of our lovely canteen staff
- An article about Britain’s top ten favourite foods
- A list we put together of the student’s favourite food
- Information about the UK leaving Europe – a very hot topic in 2016!
- Some information about the Isle of Wight
- Information about our behaviour system
- A selection of staff and student photos

We hope to meet you in the future when you are looking back at our history.