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Chutney Soca - Mardi Gras 2017

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In February some of our Year 9 and 10 students took part in a music project run by The New Carnival Company and “T-Hop” (a community development organisation) to create a song for the Island Mardi Gras Parade being held on Saturday 1st July 2017.  The song will be performed by 1000 primary age children from across the Island.

The workshop was held over several days and started with a history lesson about the style of music they would be using (Soca - Spirit Of CAlypso, mixed with the Indian Bollywood genre).

Three days of song writing culminated in four verses which were then added to a chorus and bridge section written by Christ the King students. On the third day the demo track was recorded which was followed by final recordings and production on days four and five.

One of the participants, Thomas Brunton, Year 10 said:

This was my first experience of a music workshop, and in the five days that we spent doing it, I loved it. I learnt new things throughout the project, for example about Chutney soca music, which I found interesting to learn about as it was something that I knew nothing about.

My favourites parts about the project were creating and recording our lyrics. I enjoyed doing these two the most as they are both something I love doing. Singing a song that you have created has a different feeling to singing a song that was made by someone else. The leaders of the project were both helpful and encouraging which made the project more enjoyable for everyone’.

All students involved in the creation of the song have the opportunity to perform in the Mardi Gras Parade and will be going out to some of the primary schools to help them learn the song. 

Archeology Workshop

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To coincide with Futures Fortnight, an annual event at the Academy which focus on further education and careers, the History Department welcomed Kate Cambridge, a local Archaeologist from Timetaxi, to work with a selected group of AMAT (Academically More Able and Talented) and enthusiastic Year 7 and 8 Historians.

Students had the opportunity to dig for artefacts which they then had to date accordingly, they learnt how to wash artefacts and prepare them for cataloguing. Finally they put their artistic skills to use to produce accurate drawings of archaeological finds.

The Head of History, Joelle Dorman said 'The students had a fantastic afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed taking on the role of trainee archaeologists. This was a wonderful opportunity for them and will hopefully result in some future career choices in the field of History and Archaeology'

Sam Year 8 said ' I really enjoyed the session, I loved trying to make up stories about where each artefact came from - I also learnt the difference between an Archaeologist and a Paleontologist'

Poppy Year 7 'It was great to wash and clean the finds and then try to work out what they were'
Overall a fab afternoon!

Literary Festival - October 2016

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On Thursday 13th October we took a group of 30 Year 8 students to Ryde Private School, to participate in the Isle of Wight Literary Festival. The students took part in interactive sessions with Alan Durant, a published children's author, and Sue Bevan, a playwright and performer who has taken her shows to numerous locations across the world, including South Africa and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Our students were superbly behaved and a credit to the Academy, with the external writers commenting upon the 'outstanding spirit and behaviour of Ryde Academy students'.

Image courtesy of Ryde School

Students design their own Rugby Shirt

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As part of the All Schools England Rugby programme three students travelled to Reading on Thursday 6th October to take part in a workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to design a Canterbury custom-designed rugby shirt for the Academy. 

Canterbury will then make this design and produce a set of 20 unique shirts for our rugby team. Leon Diamond, Edward Humphries and Morgan Stokes all worked together to produce a ‘Shine Bright’ inspired shirt. It incorporates our Isle of Wight heritage by using the Needles lighthouse which shines across the shirt in Ryde Academy colours. We love it!

The shirts will be ready in time for a grand unveiling at the Six Nations in February. We look forward to seeing them progress from drawings to the real thing!

Visiting Poet

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We were delighted to have a professional writer and poet, Amy Mackelden, visit some of our Year 8 and Year 9 English classes on Monday 26 September.

Her visit was part of a prize won by April Egan last year, then in Year 8, for her poem From Alice’s Perspective. The competition was run by the Poetry Society’s Young Poets Network, in partnership with the Agincourt 600 charity, and April was overall winner in the Secondary category.

Amy Mackelden is a writer and disability activist and said Some amazing writing came out of the day of workshops. Students at the Academy showed just how creative they are when it comes to poetry, and I hope they continue writing and coming up with new ideas”.

During lessons students focused on creative writing and using objects as inspiration for their work. All students produced a piece of writing at the end of the lesson in different forms e.g. poem/postcard/a piece of descriptive writing. It was a great opportunity for students to engage with and share their work with a professional writer.

Principal, Joy Ballard, said “I have a personal love of poetry and I am glad to see that the art of writing poems is alive and well. Students got stuck in with the sessions with Amy and produced some really creative work”

Isle of Wight Day - 24 September 2016

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We have loved participating in the first Isle of Wight Day! Students have taken part in a number of activities within lessons in the lead up to the day.

History students studied Victorians and the Romans on the Island as well looking at dinosaurs, smuggling and festivals.

In Geography topics also included festivals as well as wildlife and tourism on the Island.

English lessons were a great opportunity to look at Isle of Wight dialect and using some of the landmarks of the Island in poetry.

Students in Food Technology made salads (both fruit and vegetable) and learnt about food miles and seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Joy Ballard, our Principal said:

'I have always loved the Island and have been enjoying visiting all the attractions since I moved here a year ago. It is important that our students and the wider community have the opportunity to reflect and celebrate everything the Island has to offer and take pride in where they live, study and work’.

We hope that this day is included in the calendar every year as we already have lots of ideas for another celebration of our Island.

Schools Physicist of the Year Award 2016

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Photo by 
Dario Scovacricchi.

Massive congratulations to Daisy McVicar, Year 10, who was presented with an Ogden Schools Physicist of the Year (SPOTY) award at the University of Portsmouth on 13 July.

She was nominated by Mrs Foot and Mrs Allen in our Science Department. They said:

“Daisy is an extremely hardworking and conscientious individual who has shown, throughout the year, that she has a natural aptitude for Science.  She is a pleasure to teach and has a good relationship with both staff and her peers. We look forward to seeing her skills in Science develop further and expect her to excel in Physics, and Science in general, in the future”

The awards are a national initiative sponsored by The Ogden Trust, with additional support for the Portsmouth event from the South East Physics Network (SEPnet) and the University of Portsmouth. The Ogden Trust promotes the teaching and learning of Physics using a variety of initiatives.

Year 10 and 12 students from schools across Hampshire were named Portsmouth SPOTY winners, including two from the Isle of Wight. Dr Jen Gupta, the Ogden/SEPnet Outreach Officer at the University of Portsmouth said “The annual Schools Physicist of the Year awards is one of the highlights of our schools outreach programme and it’s brilliant to be able to celebrate the achievements of so many talented young physicists. All of our SPOTY award winners should be proud of their achievements so far, and we can’t wait to see where physics takes them in the future!”

Daisy, her parents and Mrs Allen travelled to the University of Portsmouth for the awards ceremony where Daisy and the other winners each received a certificate and a £25 book token.

Last year Aaron Gould, the in Year 9, was also presented with the award.

Awards Evening 2016

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We held our Awards Evening on Thursday 14 July. This was an evening where parents and staff were able to share in the success of our students.

Awards were presented for each subject for ‘Highest Achievement’ and Best Progress’. Awards were also given out to students with 100% attendance.

The following students were awarded Governor's Award by the Chair of Governors, Lesley Holmes.

Keiron Haigh age 12

Megan Irwin age 13

Teagan Sibbick age 14

Matthew Churches age 14

Jack Millward age 16

The Governor Award is given to students in recognition of efforts they have made.

Kaitlyn Croxall was presented with the Principal’s Award for services to the school. As well as a glass trophy she was also given a vase with our slogan ‘Shine Bright’ etched on it.

Parents and staff were also treated to two student performances; Year 10 singers performing ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ and Anna in Year 7 singing Birdy’s ‘Not about Angels’.

The Rt Honourable Dame Janet Paraskeva was the guest speaker for the evening. Dame Janet has held a variety of roles including as Chief Executive of the Law Society and at the Serious Organised Crime Agency. She was also appointed as the first Civil Service Commissioner in 2006. She began her career as a Science and Maths teacher.

Joy Ballard, Principal, said:

‘I was so proud of our winners and it was very moving to see the delight on their parents’ faces. Ensuring children do well at school relies on a strong partnership between school and parents and it it was such a pleasure sharing together the success of our students’

Photos from the evening can be seen under our Ryde Academy in Pictures page on the website.

Ryde Academy Students vote in the EU Referendum

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Students from all the year groups were given the chance to vote in their own referendum on Thursday.

All week students had debated the issues.

The Student Council collected voting slips during tutor time and 6th Form Citizenship students counted the votes. They also created some of the resources students used to debate the issues.

Having heard arguments on both sides, students voted 58% in favour of remaining in the EU.

Mrs Merrett said “We felt that we should run this referendum in school, because, whilst our students aren't old enough to vote, the outcome of the referendum will affect them and it is important that they understand the arguments on both sides. Students have also looked at democracy and British values."


What a difference eight months make

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