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Archeology Workshop

posted 9 Feb 2017, 07:09 by Nat Admin   [ updated 17 May 2017, 03:39 ]
To coincide with Futures Fortnight, an annual event at the Academy which focus on further education and careers, the History Department welcomed Kate Cambridge, a local Archaeologist from Timetaxi, to work with a selected group of AMAT (Academically More Able and Talented) and enthusiastic Year 7 and 8 Historians.

Students had the opportunity to dig for artefacts which they then had to date accordingly, they learnt how to wash artefacts and prepare them for cataloguing. Finally they put their artistic skills to use to produce accurate drawings of archaeological finds.

The Head of History, Joelle Dorman said 'The students had a fantastic afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed taking on the role of trainee archaeologists. This was a wonderful opportunity for them and will hopefully result in some future career choices in the field of History and Archaeology'

Sam Year 8 said ' I really enjoyed the session, I loved trying to make up stories about where each artefact came from - I also learnt the difference between an Archaeologist and a Paleontologist'

Poppy Year 7 'It was great to wash and clean the finds and then try to work out what they were'
Overall a fab afternoon!