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Exscitec with Imperial College - 19 June 2014

On Thursday 19 June Ryde Academy welcomed Exscitec, a team from Imperial College in London, who came over to deliver a day of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) workshops.

In the morning the AMAT (Academically More Able and Talented) students participated in a variety of activities followed by a group of Year 10 students in the afternoon. 

Year 7 students had great fun dressing up in lab coats and blue gloves to look at a variety of acids and alkalis, and then make their own indicators from rose petals, blueberry jam and other household substances.

Meanwhile in another lab Year 8 were busy doing Crime Scene investigations, testing blood stained fabrics and working out who had committed the crime and how the victim had been murdered.

A very enthusiastic Maths graduate was talking to Year 9 about geometry, topology, Möbius strips and the possibility of a fourth dimension. They built models and worked out patterns and puzzles.

Robotics was a very popular workshop for Year 10 students. They learnt how to write code,  uploaded it to robots, eventually making them run round a maze. Clever stuff!

After lunch, our next group of students arrived for fun with Colourful Chemistry, Game Theory, Crazy Critters and Geodesic Domes. Handling tarantulas and giant millipedes were activities for the brave! Meanwhile outside two teams were racing to build giant domes before clambering inside to hear a talk from the Exscitec mentors about university life and career choices.

Overall, a hugely worthwhile day and a lot of fun had by many of our students.

Exscitec visit to Ryde Academy

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