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Science Fair

posted 6 Jul 2017, 02:21 by Nat Admin

Year 9 Scientists have been working on a range of experiments which culimanted in an exhibition attended by their parents and staff on Tuesday 27th June.

Ryde Mayor, Henry, and his wife, Val, opened the fair and then spent time talking to the students about their experiments and findings.

Investigations carried out included finding out the effects of sugar on the body, whether sound affects the taste of food and what makes bubbles last the longest. Many of these experiments were demonstrated to the visitors during the afternoon.

Visitors were then given the opportunity to vote for their favourite team. The winning investigation was conducted by Charlie Ashley, age 13, and Mateusz Banachowski, age 14, with their investigation into the speed of light. Their challenge was to find out if the density of a material affected the speed light travels.

Head of Science, Catherine Foot said, ’It was a fantastic afternoon. Students were given the challenge of investigating an area of science that they found interesting, and over the past few weeks they had carried out experiments, collected data, and presented their findings. They were able to develop not only their scientific skills, but also those of teamwork and presenting. The projects were amazing, and the afternoon a great success.’