BBC School Report

 Students from the Academy made news for real on 15th March 2018 as we took part in BBC News School Report. We hope you like our report.

Ryde Academy Makes the News

Thank you to Owen in Y11 for the update on today's BBC News School Report

About a month ago, the BBC project was in its infancy, nothing more than concepts on paper: Brexit, music and island life where discussed. Since that point, we have been working hard with rigorous re-writes and interviews taking place every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in and outside of school. All in preparation for today. It has been all hands on deck since 9:15am and everyone has played their part in creating and innovating, students from year 7 to year 13 have all made a massive contribution to the final piece. For example Jack from our 6th Form has been slaving away at his computer editing while Kaitlyn, also from our 6th form, has been filming all the reports. Luckily a hearty lunch was provided by the school. We are all very fortunate to have had this opportunity and we can only hope the final piece can reflect the time and care put in by us all.