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Revision Tips and Guides

GCSE Maths - Need to Know Formulae

posted 6 Mar 2017, 00:57 by Nat Admin

English Revision Strategies

posted 2 Mar 2017, 23:04 by Nat Admin

You can find some useful strategies for English revision in the PDF at the bottom of this page.

Extra support at school

After school: Wednesday – E6 with Mrs Walsh; Thursday – E5 with Miss Snow; other days – by prior arrangement with individual class teachers.

Easter holiday revision workshops: Thursday 20th April – 10.00 – 15.00. 

If you have any questions please contact Mrs Walsh mwalsh@rydeacademy.org

Revision Sessions - Lunch time and After School 2017

posted 30 Jan 2017, 23:06 by Nat Admin

Please open the PDF for a list of all the lunchtime and after school revision sessions available. You can also get copies from your tutor, Miss Tharle and our main reception.

GCSE English Revision sessions - After school

posted 12 Jan 2017, 01:10 by Nat Admin   [ updated 12 Jan 2017, 01:11 ]

Mrs Walsh: E6 - Paper One


Ms Snow: E5 - Paper Two


25 January: Q2

26 January: Q2

1 February: Q3

2 February: Q3

8 February (no session)

9 February: Q4

15 February: Q4

16 February (no session – Y11 Parents’ Evening )

1.March: Q5

2 March: Q5

8 March: Q5

9 March: Q5

(Literature revisions will be organised after these dates)

GCSE Maths Revision sessions

posted 10 Jan 2017, 03:48 by Nat Admin

Winter TermWeek commencingThemeMonday - HigherMonday - FoundationTuesday - HigherTuesday - Foundation
17Mon 16 JanNumberBounds/accuracy/intervalsRounding/estimatingEvaluating indices/reciprocals/BIDMASBIDMAS/Powers/Roots
18Mon 23 JanNumberFactors/multiples/surdsFactors/multiples/conversionStandard form/Law of indicesStandard form
19Mon 30 JanAlgebraWriting/substituting/rearranging formulaSimplifying expressionsExpanding and factorising/Difference of two squares/surdsExpanding and factorising
20Mon 6 FebAlgebraSolving quadratics/Completing the squareSolving linearMaking the subject (SUVAT)Making the subject
21Mon 13 FebAlgebraSimultaneous equations/graphicallySimultaneous equationsInequalitiesInequalities - mapping/solving
Half term
22Mon 27 FebGeometrySequencesSequencesGraphing - quadratics/circles/linear/cubeGraphing - linear/plotting midpoints
23Mon 6 MarchGeometryGraphing - trig/exponentialGraphing - gradient of a line/length of linesSolving iterative equations?Ordering/converting Fractions/Decimals/Percentages
24Mon 13 MarchRatio and ProportionRecurring decimals/ compound interest/%change% change/data/worded questionsRatio and proportion/Best buy/Direct/Indirect/speed and densityRatio and proportion/Best buy
25Mon 20 MarchGeometryPolygons/angles/parallel lines/problem solvingPolygons/angles/ parallel linesSectors/Chords/Circle theoremsPerimeter/area/circle
26Mon 27 MarchGeometryPythagoras/word problems/coordinatesPythagoras/length of linesTrignometryTrignometry
27Mon 3 AprilGeometrySin/Cos ruleMixed Pythagoras/TrigLoci and bearings/CongruencyTransformations/congruency
Easter Holiday
28Mon 24 AprilProblem solvingProofConvinceQuality of written communicationsQuality of written communications
29Mon 1 MayStatisticsAverages and rangeAverages and rangeCumulative frequency, box plots and histogramsPlotting and interpretting graphs/tally charts
30Mon 8 MayStatisticsProbabilityProbabilityUsing the formula sheet/shapesUsing the formula sheet/shapes
31Mon 15 MayPractise paperPractise paperPractise paperPractise paperPractise paper
32Mon 22 MayDirected revisionP1 25th MayDirected revisionDirected revisionDirected revision
Half term
33Mon 5 JuneP2 8th JuneRevisionRevisionRevisionRevision
34Mon 12 JuneP3 13th June

Support from the Exam Boards

posted 17 Apr 2016, 23:20 by Nat Admin

You can get information, including past papers and exam guidance from the following Exam Boards. Please visit their websites to find out more. 

Revision Websites and Apps

posted 17 Dec 2015, 02:18 by Nat Admin   [ updated 5 Mar 2017, 22:29 ]

There are a whole host of revision websites that you may find useful in the run up to exams. We have highlighted some below;

Computer ScienceCode Academy www.codeacademy.comGmail Log in Gmail log in
ICTBBC Bytesize http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/subjects/zqmtsbk
Google DocsGmail Log in Gmail Log in
Teach ICthttp://teach-ict.com/
GeographyBBC Bitesize http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/geography/
GCSE Podhttps://members.gcsepod.com/shared/podcasts#6003/6016/7379as set by studentsas set by students
Google DocsGmail Log in Gmail Log in
revision worldhttp://revisionworld.com/gcse-revision/geography
learn on the internethttp://www.geography.learnontheinternet.co.uk/gcse/revision_step1.html#aqaa
Diagnostic Questionswww.diagnosticquestions.com

PiXLhttp://mathsapp.pixl.org.uk/RD3251Surname then initialstudents set own
languagesBBC Bitesize http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/geography/
vocab expresswww.vocabexpressUKRYDHstudent's usernamestudent's password
dialectswww.dialectno needno needno need
GCSE aqawww.aqano needno need
DT FoodGCSEAqahttp://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/design/foodtech/
DT Resistant
https://classroom.google.com/hn/aSchool Gmail LoginAsk Mr Dallimore
for invite / class code
www.technologystudent.comThe exam theme is usually discussed in detail on this website within days of it being released. Past exam themes are also there.
Wood Databasehttp://www.wood-database.com/n/an/an/a
DT on the webhttp://www.design-technology.info/home.htmn/an/an/a
AQA Past Papershttp://www.aqa.org.uk/exams-administration/exams-guidance/find-past-papers-and-mark-schemesAll past papers and mark schemes also
on Google Classroom.
Other subjects available too.
DT Websitehttp://www.design-technology.org/n/an/an/a
Materials Databasehttp://www.matweb.com/n/an/an/a
Google Sketchuphttp://www.sketchup.com/n/an/an/a
2D Designused in schooln/an/an/a
ScienceBBC bitesizehttp://www.bbc.co.uk/education/subjects/zrkw2hv
Simulations https://phet.colorado.edu/
HealthPast Papershttp://www.ocr.org.uk/qualifications/gcse-health-and-social-care-single-double-award-j406-j412-from-2012All exam papers and mark schemes
English LangBBC bitesizehttp://www.bbc.co.uk/education/subjects/zr9d7ty
English LitBBC bitesizehttp://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/english_literature/
Psychology AS & A LevelLoopahttps://www.loopa.co.uk/aqa-psychology-new-specification-revision/


posted 1 Apr 2015, 06:22 by Nat Admin   [ updated 2 Apr 2015, 09:31 by N Nelson ]

The Academy currently subscribes to a service called GCSEPod which is completely free for your child to use. We believe it will be of great benefit to them during the coming year.

GCSEPod has over 3,500 teacher-written, audio-visual podcasts produced specifically for mobile devices and containing all the right facts, quotes, keywords, dates and annotated diagrams that learners need for GCSE success. The GCSEPod website can be viewed on mobiles, tablets and PCs and the podcasts can be downloaded for offline viewing. The podcasts are also mapped to the curriculum and are designed to support students in the classroom, with their homework and during exam time.

We recommend that you discuss GCSEPod with your son or daughter, ensure that they have correct login details to enter the site and encourage them to make use of this service throughout their year. Many teachers may set homework on the site using the “Assignment” feature as GCSEPod has already been proven to have a significant impact on A*-C performance and we aim to make it an integral part of learning for every GCSE student studying at the Academy.

All students have already been registered with GCSEPod and so simply need to activate their account and choose a username and password. To access GCSEPod for the first time, students should follow these three steps:

1)    Go to www.gcsepod.com and click “Login” in the top right hand corner

2)    Click “New here? Get started.”

3)    Enter their name, date of birth and choose their school.

4)    Select a username and password (to be used when they next login) and select the subjects they study.

Once logged in, students can search for podcasts by keyword, by a specific exam or by subject area. Students can create their own personalised learning playlists which can be easily downloaded for offline viewing. Help guides explaining how to use the site are available at www.gcsepod.com/help

If you have any questions regarding the GCSEPod service please contact Angela Roberts, Assistant Vice Principal, by email aroberts@rydeacademy.org or 01983 567331.

For specific technical advice please use the help pages on the website or email support@gcsepod.com

Maths Exam Resources

posted 12 Mar 2015, 07:25 by Nat Admin

Your mathematics examinations are rapidly approaching. The first is on the 4 June (Non-calculator) and the second (Calculator) is on the 8 June 2015.  Below are a number of resources designed to help you prepare for your exams.

Mathematics platforms:




You should have your log in details but if you have lost or forgotten them please speak to Mr Tam.

Revision support for GCSE Mathematics

In addition to these websites there are several YouTube sites that teach areas of Mathematics very well.  These are listed below;

ReviseCircle Theorem


ReviseSimultaneous Equations

Revisethe Sine and Cosine rules


Do you want to challenge yourself?

Try these: Bread and Butter Challenges and Algebra Builder. These can be found at the bottom of this page.

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