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Year 11 Extended Half term work

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Task(s) to be set by the department


English Literature workbook of exam style questions that will be peer marked when they return to school; Online revision sites.


PiXL paper 3 that will be peer marked. These will be peer marked on return to school. PiXL tasks will be set for all classes to complete on line.


P1, C1 and B1 topic papers. These will be peer marked and then used to make revision cards.


Sikhism “Worship in the Gurdwara” and “The role of the Langar” sheets and complete exam style questions. Also check Google Classroom and Doddle for extra online resources set by individual classroom teacher.


To complete the set boards on Google Classroom


Mind Mapping topics to check understanding and mistakes. Example mind map and blanks provided.


News homework booklet (3 pages to complete). 1 15 mark question based on an international organisation. Also check Google Classroom and Doddle for extra online resources set by individual classroom teacher.

Computer Science

Programming practice challenges, these must be working solutions.


Year 11 - choreograph at least 1.5 minute of your choreography assessment


Devised: Research your chosen style with a focus on structure. For example if performing In ‘Yer Face’ you may wish to research Sarah Kane's 4.48 Psychosis or for naturalism perhaps Ibsen or Chekhov. Each person in the group should then take a section of the play to write up as a script. There should be five minutes of performance per student ready to rehearse on their return


Practice exam paper - students to use revision guides to help them complete. Will be reviewed in class.


Preparation for unit 2 task - Devise three menu plans for the following special diets: vegetarian, vegan and lactose intolerant.  Menus should be nutritionally balanced.  Research possible recipes and annotate to show changes that would need to be made.

DT Food V cert

Revision for the NCFE V cert exam - BNF website and questions on nutrition


Long answer questions (written) and conversation questions (speaking)


Coasts revision booklet. Online revision sites to support answers. Activities and 2 exam questions. Coastal recap in advance of fieldwork.


Legislation worksheets. Completing tables using resources which will be peer marked and revision cards made on return to school.


Germany 1918-39 revision crib sheets with tasks to complete plus list of online revision opportunities


Start looking at serial TV dramas in preparation for the exam. You need to watch one from a variety of dramas from the 1980s to present. Write down the key conventions that are seen in these dramas.

Music WTD

Essay Practice Question Booklet and Take Away Homework Tasks


GCSE PE Booklet - with exam questions


To complete sketch book pages as set on Google Classroom.


Topic based reading tasks. Essay writing question.