Vesta Visit - 31st January

posted 27 Feb 2018, 03:23 by N Nelson
Students were recently invited along, with other schools, to take part in a STEM scheme partnership between Ryde Academy and Vestas.

Vestas hosted the event at their world class riverside facility in Newport. James Smith and Drake Marks from Vestas spoke to the students about the importance of renewable energy and how rewarding jobs in engineering can be. John Nicholson from Ryde Academy explained how there was a big shortage in skilled engineering workers in the UK and how that learning to solve real world problems in schools is fundamental to addressing this shortfall and is high on the agenda at Ryde Academy.

Students were given a tour of the facility by staff from Vestas, shown some of the inspirational engineering works and got to look at the 80 metre wind turbine blades close up.

Each school team will be taking part in an engineering competition to design part of a blade using 3D design and printing. Teams will gather again to have their work judged by Engineers at Vestas.

Drake Marks said "As a Vestas employee I was encouraged by the renewed focus on engineering in schools and hope to give further assistance by providing examples of the extreme engineering work we conduct."