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Easter Holidays - Revision

posted 23 Mar 2017, 06:51 by Nat Admin

There will be a number of revision and coursework sessions during the Easter holidays. Letters are being posted home but a copy of the schedule can be seen below. Copies can also be found in our reception.

So you think you can dance

posted 23 Mar 2017, 03:13 by Nat Admin

Red House Run

posted 16 Mar 2017, 23:57 by Nat Admin   [ updated 16 Mar 2017, 23:58 ]

A group of students from Red House recently did a sponsored run to raise money for their nominated charity, the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institute). They did very well and raised over £100.


Letter from Hampshire Council

posted 16 Mar 2017, 04:50 by Nat Admin

Hampshire Council have published a letter with info about opportunities to apply to the Studio school. You can find a copy at the bottom of this page.

Chutney Soca - Mardi Gras 2017

posted 15 Mar 2017, 00:22 by Nat Admin   [ updated 16 Mar 2017, 23:45 ]

In February some of our Year 9 and 10 students took part in a music project run by The New Carnival Company and “T-Hop” (a community development organisation) to create a song for the Island Mardi Gras Parade being held on Saturday 1st July 2017.  The song will be performed by 1000 primary age children from across the Island.

The workshop was held over several days and started with a history lesson about the style of music they would be using (Soca - Spirit Of CAlypso, mixed with the Indian Bollywood genre).

Three days of song writing culminated in four verses which were then added to a chorus and bridge section written by Christ the King students. On the third day the demo track was recorded which was followed by final recordings and production on days four and five.

One of the participants, Thomas Brunton, Year 10 said:

This was my first experience of a music workshop, and in the five days that we spent doing it, I loved it. I learnt new things throughout the project, for example about Chutney soca music, which I found interesting to learn about as it was something that I knew nothing about.

My favourites parts about the project were creating and recording our lyrics. I enjoyed doing these two the most as they are both something I love doing. Singing a song that you have created has a different feeling to singing a song that was made by someone else. The leaders of the project were both helpful and encouraging which made the project more enjoyable for everyone’.

All students involved in the creation of the song have the opportunity to perform in the Mardi Gras Parade and will be going out to some of the primary schools to help them learn the song. 

SEND Live 2017

posted 27 Feb 2017, 00:46 by Nat Admin

Archeology Workshop

posted 9 Feb 2017, 07:09 by Nat Admin

To coincide with Futures Fortnight, an annual event at the Academy which focus on further education and careers, the History Department welcomed Kate Cambridge, a local Archaeologist from Timetaxi, to work with a selected group of AMAT (Academically More Able and Talented) and enthusiastic Year 7 and 8 Historians.

Students had the opportunity to dig for artefacts which they then had to date accordingly, they learnt how to wash artefacts and prepare them for cataloguing. Finally they put their artistic skills to use to produce accurate drawings of archaeological finds.

The Head of History, Joelle Dorman said 'The students had a fantastic afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed taking on the role of trainee archaeologists. This was a wonderful opportunity for them and will hopefully result in some future career choices in the field of History and Archaeology'

Sam Year 8 said ' I really enjoyed the session, I loved trying to make up stories about where each artefact came from - I also learnt the difference between an Archaeologist and a Paleontologist'

Poppy Year 7 'It was great to wash and clean the finds and then try to work out what they were'
Overall a fab afternoon!

We are Good! - Ofsted Report is Published

posted 16 Dec 2016, 01:47 by Nat Admin

Following a recent Ofsted inspection we have have achieved a ‘Good’ rating!

For a number of years we have been considered to be ‘Requiring Improvement’ according to Ofsted. However, the hard work of students and staff - with support from parents, Governors and the local community - has paid off and we have now been rated as a ‘Good’ School.

The report highlights the ‘strong moral purpose and inspirational leadership of the Principal’ and that ‘pupil’s attainment and progress is rising rapidly’ and that ‘the progress of disadvantaged pupils had also improved rapidly’.

Following their two day visit in November Ofsted noted that ‘leaders successfully raised standards in GCSE examinations, in particular in English and mathematics’, the Academy was fully staffed with high quality specialist teachers and that students were well behaved and proud of their school.

The report says that our Principal, Joy, who joined us in 2015, and has ‘initiated rapid improvement in all aspects of school life. It goes on to say that she ‘is an inspirational leader and pupils, staff and parents are unanimous in their appreciation and share her ambitious vision’. She said

‘I am so very pleased with Ofsted's observations of how quickly the Academy has improved and their judgement that we are a 'Good' school. Our staff and students really deserve this recognition, they have simply been amazing and every child deserves to go to a good school.

Continuing to raise attainment and embedding the new systems we have in our 6th form are already our priorities for this year in our improvement planning and I am confident that we are well on our way to achieving the coveted Ofsted 'Outstanding' grade in the future’.

Lesley Holmes, Chair of Governors said

The Ofsted grading of "Good" for Ryde Academy is one that is well deserved by Joy Ballard, her senior leadership team, all staff, students and Governors.  It's also very important recognition for education standards on the Island, the Ryde community and especially parents who have chosen a  local school that is determined to raise standards and educational attainment for their children and young people. Ryde Academy has a very bright future.

The Ofsted report, along with the building of the new school, means that we are well on the road to the success that everyone has worked for and that students and the community deserve. It looks like 2017 will continue to Shine Bright!


posted 10 Oct 2016, 02:05 by Nat Admin   [ updated 11 Oct 2016, 01:21 ]

This is your chance to help promote our stance on anti-bullying and win a £5 Love2Shop voucher (one winner per year group). 

Take a photo of yourself wearing your anti-bullying band (or just the band) when you are out and about. For example if you are catching a ferry take one near the Wightlink sign and then either Tweet it or send it to Miss Nelson ( who will do it for you. Please remember to include #RydeAcademyAgainstBullying in your Tweet. Also, if you can, include the organisation/place in your Tweet.

This has already been launched with staff and as you can see the bands have travelled to London, Bristol and Coventry so far. Let's see how far they can go!

The anti-bullying bands will be on sale again from Tuesday 11 October at break times outside the canteen.

Please make sure the photo is appropriate and done safely.

The staff photos will be judged by the Student Council and the student photos will be judged by the senior leadership team at the end of the year. There will be additional prizes throughout the year.

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