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Clothing needed for Ski Trip

posted 14 Nov 2017, 00:21 by Nat Admin

All skiing on snow occurs in somewhat extreme climates, very different from what we are used to.  It is important to remember that these can be extremes of cold and sun.  It is absolutely vital to be correctly clothed so to avoid a miserable and uncomfortable trip.


Jackets and Trousers

These must be reasonably windproof and well insulated.  Being waterproof is an advantage.  

Several types exist, but as long as the jacket covers the top of the trousers and the sleeves are long enough to cover the top of the gloves it should be ok.  The trousers can be normal trousers which are insulated, or salopettes which are high waistedtrousers with braces.  The salopettes give a broader insulation and are therefore warmer.



An enormous amount of heat can be lost through the head, chilling the body quickly when it is cold.  A hat also helps to prevent sun stroke and sunburn.  The hat should be deep enough to cover the ears.



Proper ski gloves are essential.  They should be made of fabric or vinyl and insulated with polyester wadding.  They should have a reinforced palm for gripping. 



Again, proper ski socks must be worn.  As ski boots come to mid-calf they should be long and made of towelling material.  At least 2 pairs are needed.  One to wear and the other to be drying.  Avoid football socks as they can cause blisters.


Some form of eye protection is required.  We are at high altitude and surrounded by white reflecting snow.  Therefore, we are exposed to high levels of UV light.  (The Alps have higher levels of UV light in winter than the Mediterranean in summer)


Sun cream

We hope to have clear skies as well as plenty of snow.  High factor sun cream (15+) is needed as to avoid sunburn and those ‘panda’ eyes.  This must be applied when necessary and lip salve may be used to avoid cracking.



Specialist ski shirts look good, but cost a small fortune.  Any close knit sweater, sweatshirt or polo neck shirt will be fine.  Several thin layers are better than one thick one.


You can pick up all of these bits from Trespass in Newport or a variety of other stores such as TK Max, Tesco, Blacks and many more.