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posted 9 May 2018, 06:47 by N Nelson   [ updated 11 May 2018, 01:26 ]
Miss Sparrow’s 7A1 English class had a two week homework task to create something linked to Dystopian (An imagined state or society in which there is great suffering or injustice, typically one that is totalitarian or post-apocalyptic) or Utopian (modelled on or aiming for a state in which everything is perfect; idealistic) literature.

Last week they bought their projects in and we think they look fantastic!

Students and teachers voted for the winner and the results are:
Teacher's award: Dominika Gumiela
Best presentation: Thomas Burton
Best Design: Rebecca Aspden
Most creative designs: Bill Elliott, Hannah Howard, Amelia McCarthy
Best link to Dystopia: Maisy Dean