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Friday 26 May 2017

posted 26 May 2017, 06:00 by Nat Admin

You should have received a text from us on Wednesday giving you advance notice that the AET proposed merger with Sandown Bay Academy consultation was uploaded to our website on Thursday. I can only reiterate that it so important that we have our say.  Paper copies are available in reception.

I promised to let you know soonest the outcome of the new build meeting I attended on Wednesday.  Although the building company still had some hope of the new school being ready for September 2017 the decision has been made, to avoid any risk or change of date, that we delay the move into the new building until October half term. This means that students will have an additional week holiday in October and will not be required to attend school week commencing 30th October to allow us to unpack and organise our work spaces/classrooms. 

This essentially means that all students will return to our current building on Wednesday 6th September (Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th being INSET days) after the summer holidays until October half term and then return to school and the new building on Monday 6th November. I appreciate this may be disappointing in some ways but we want to ensure that the new school is absolutely right before moving our students and staff in and that the dates are definite to help you plan for the care of your children.

We have a number of events taking place in our first week back starting on Tuesday 6th June with a Family Learning session with the Speedway. This will be at the Academy but adult participants will also get free entry into the Speedway at a later date (children already get free entry).

On Wednesday 7th June some of the students from Brimstone House will be visiting their charity Ability Dogs 4 Young People. On the same day a group of 30 AMAT (Academically More Able and Talented) students will be visiting Southampton University. This is similar to the event which some of our Year 10 AMAT students recently attended.

I hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable half term.




19 May 2017

posted 19 May 2017, 05:57 by Nat Admin

The exams are well under way now and it’s great to see students continuing to work hard at their revision and attending after school and lunchtime sessions.

Next week the Year 8 girls will be having their second dose of the HPV vaccination. If you have any queries please contact Mrs Dover in student services.

On Tuesday 23rd May we have the BAE Systems STEM roadshow coming in to work with Year 7 and 8s. Students will participate in a show which explores the technology of drones, computing and control systems and robotics. These events have proved popular in the past and are a great way to encourage students to think about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects and careers.

Good luck to the under 13 cricket team who are playing against Ryde School on Thursday.

I hope the Year 7 and 8s have a great time at the disco this afternoon and I look forward to hearing all about it on Monday.

Next week is our last week before half term. I should be able to confirm our move date into the new school once we get back.

A copy of the Year 11 revision sessions being held over the holiday can be found on our website and also in this Newsletter.

Have a lovely weekend.



12 May 2017

posted 12 May 2017, 05:21 by Nat Admin

We had a good turn out for Year 8 Parents’ evening on Thursday and thank you to everyone who completed our feedback forms. We really do find your comments helpful and we will publish the results of surveys on our website shortly. Students also receive House points for each completed form which helps the competition!

We are holding an award ceremony for the students and parents of the Rock Challenge team on Monday and we will also find out the theme for next year!

I hope all the Year 7 and 8 students going to the disco next week have a great time.

We have a real mixture of family learning events coming up including bracelet making and Speedway! I attend as many local events and activities as I can including the Speedway at Smallbrook Stadium as it is a great evening for the whole family and even better the kids go free. More information can be found in this newsletter.

You will by now have seen the letter on our website and of course all the media coverage with regards to the consultation proposal from AET. Once we are given any further information we will let you know.

Although we were shocked by the proposal if it should go ahead we will work tirelessly to ensure any transition is well planned and runs smoothly. Our priority remains our students and we urge you to have your say once the consultation begins.

Have a nice weekend.



5 May 2017

posted 5 May 2017, 06:22 by Nat Admin   [ updated 9 May 2017, 00:49 ]

Well done to the Rock Challenge team who performed at the finals on Saturday. Although they didn’t place the performance received great feedback and we retained our Premier status! The whole team worked incredibly hard over several months and showed how much can be achieved through team work and supporting each other.

Congratulations also to Multi-Ply, our Young Enterprise team, who won ‘Company of the Year’ last week and attended the regional finals on Wednesday. You can read more about it on the front page of this Newsletter.

It looks like the students who went on the sailing trip on Tuesday had a great time. You can see photos from the event in the Newsletter next week.

Thursday 11th May is our next Parents’ meeting and is for Year 8.

We are now well into our Year 11 exams season. Don’t forget there are a number of revision resources on our website. A copy of the timetable can also be found on the website under the Exams tab.

I would also like to remind you that there is a letter on our website regarding AET’s proposal for Ryde and Sandown Bay Academies. Hard copies of the letter can be found in our main reception.

Have a nice weekend.



Rock Challenge 

Multi-Ply, our Young Enterprise Team

28 April 2017

posted 28 Apr 2017, 05:55 by Nat Admin   [ updated 9 May 2017, 00:43 ]

Welcome back and I hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable Easter break. We were certainly lucky with the weather.

I loved seeing all the photos and the video of the
Wembley performance. I know the students had a great day and Miss Seaton was so proud of their performance.

The dance theme continues with the finals of
Rock Challenge which take place on Saturday 29th April. It’s lovely to see so many family members have bought tickets to see it and I know your support means the world to all the performers.

Once we return from the
Bank Holiday weekend on Tuesday 2 May, the main exam season will start. I would like to wish all of our students good luck. They have worked so hard. Some attending every lunch, after school and holiday revision session and I am certain this will make all the difference. Individual exam timetables have been distributed to students.

Progress on our new school is going well. We will be looking at extending the summer and/or October half term holidays to help with the move. I cannot give you firm dates at the moment as we are somewhat reliant on the building company and the many contractors working on site at the moment. I am expecting an update from the Project Manager just before the May half term so I will be able to give further details then.

Have a nice long Bank Holiday weekend.


7 April 2017

posted 7 Apr 2017, 06:28 by Nat Admin   [ updated 12 Apr 2017, 05:24 ]

We have reached the end of another busy term.

I was really pleased to help award certificates to some of our Maths Challenge students on Wednesday.
  I am so proud of our students who achieved some great results which you can read about in this Newsletter.

It sounds like the students on the rewards trip had a great day at Robin Hill and they were lucky with the weather. You can see the photos on our Facebook page and some will be published in the next Newsletter.

Good luck to all the students performing at Wembley this Saturday alongside 2015 X-Factor winner Louisa Johnson at the opening ceremony of Derby Day, Saracens v Harlequins. I look forward to hearing all about it.

After Easter, I will be able to provide a bit more information about the hand over of our new school in the Autumn, so watch this space……

There are lots of revision sessions taking place over Easter and parents/carers of Year 11 students should have received letters home. A copy of the timetable can be found on our website.

I would like to thank you for your continued support and I hope you and your family have a lovely Easter break.


    Some of the students who received awards for the Maths Challenge

31 March 2017

posted 31 Mar 2017, 06:39 by Nat Admin   [ updated 12 Apr 2017, 05:23 ]

Students at Tech Deck

I was really impressed with the cakes made by staff on Tuesday after school. The Rock Challenge committee organised a ‘Bake Off’ and the cakes were sold to raise money for Rock Challenge. Thank you to everyone that bought cake or a raffle ticket. Mrs Allen won the raffle and promptly sold slices of the prize cake to staff  raising  an additional £10 which brought the total raised to over £160!

We have lots more to come next week including the Rewards trip and the performance of ‘So you think you can dance’ both on Thursday.

Easter holidays start on Monday 10th April but we have several Year 11 revision sessions taking place and you should have received letters about these. A copy of the schedule can be found on our website. Please note that our reception isn’t staffed during the holidays so students must turn up at the time specified so their teacher can let them into the building.


A busy week this week starting with the Tech Deck visit which you can read about on the front page of the Newsletter.

We also had several GCSE exams taking place including Dance and PE practicals as well as Art.

We ended the week with the Hampshire and Sussex UCAS Higher Education Exhibition on Friday which some of our Year 12 students attended.

We also had the trip to Portsmouth to see Woman in Black. Students will be coming back later this evening and I hope they had a great time.

24 March 2017

posted 27 Mar 2017, 05:42 by Nat Admin

                                                        Year 10 students creating Shakespeare themed board 
                                                        games including McNopoly!

Year 11 students using graffiti to help prepare for their
GCSE English exams 

I loved seeing the photos on the front cover of this newsletter from English lessons where staff and students show how creative English can be.

A copy of the Easter Y11 GCSE revision sessions timetable can be found on our website. Please note reception isn’t staffed over the holidays so students will need to make sure they arrive in reception on time where their subject teacher will meet them.

I am looking forward to the staff ‘Bake off’ next week on Tuesday 28th March which has been organised as part of the Rock Challenge fundraising efforts. I have booked tickets for the final and it is lovely to hear that lots of you have also booked tickets to support the team. Ryde will definitely rock the house!

The New Carnival Company will be using our hall for one of their costume designing courses. Following several years of not being involved with the carnivals and Mardi Gras I am pleased that we are back on the carnival float! As you saw in the last Newsletter some of our students have created a song for local primary school students to perform at the Mardi Gras. We have also have a Mardi Gras club who are making plans for the event in July.

Speaking of events, the arrangements for the dance performance at Wembley in April have also been confirmed. Seventy of our students are off to Wembley on 8th April to open the Saracens pre-match show along side 2015 X-Factor winner Louisa Johnson.

On Thursday 6th April will are holding another ‘So you think you can dance’ competition following the success of last years performance. We will let you know once the tickets are on sale.

Have a lovely weekend.



17 March 2017

posted 17 Mar 2017, 07:13 by Nat Admin   [ updated 17 Mar 2017, 07:18 ]

I visited All Saints Church on Monday to speak to Cannon Graham Morris about using the church for our Awards Evening. Last year was the first time we did a proper awards evening and I was so proud of all the students who were nominated. It was lovely to see parents come along and celebrate their child’s success. We wanted to build on that by having a better venue than our hall and Cannon Morris has kindly allowed us to use the church to hold the event on Wednesday 5th July. More information will follow later in the year. 
Some of our Student Council attended Ryde Town Council’s Commonwealth celebrations. 
I am always pleased when we are able to take part in community events and it’s such a 
valuable experience for students.

The Student Council will be visiting the site of our new school next week. They have been involved right from the start in terms of some aspects of the building design and this is a great opportunity for them to see the progress McAlpines have made.

Some of you may have heard me mention STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). This is an area that has become increasingly important within education and careers and will also be a big influence in the new building with specially created STEM areas. We have also this week appointed a STEM co-ordinator who is our very own 
John Nicholson, Teacher of ICT, who will lead this important work.

Have a lovely weekend.


10 March 2017

posted 10 Mar 2017, 05:36 by Nat Admin   [ updated 13 Mar 2017, 08:28 ]

I had my first opportunity to have a look at the site of the new school this week and I am so pleased with the progress that the builders have made. We have included some images on the front page of the newsletter and as you can see the interior of the building is really beginning to take shape. The next group to visit the site will be the Student Council.

The construction company will be confirming by Easter a completion date for a hand over of the new building and we remain optimistic that we will move into our new buildings in September 2017. I will confirm details with you as soon as I am in a position to do so.

Thank you to the Year 9 parents and students who returned their options forms. W
e are now working through them and we will be writing to parents with their child’s options in the coming weeks.

The Year 11 mock exams for English, Science and Maths are starting next week and you can find a copy of the timetable on the website under the Exams tab.

Have a nice weekend.



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