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18 May 2018

posted 18 May 2018, 05:52 by Nat Admin

I have been hearing good things about the students in Year 8 who are working together on a growth mindset mentoring scheme. They are enjoying learning about people who have made a difference in the world so that they can do the same for our community. I see a lot of examples of our students supporting each other, including my Principal’s Star from last week, Rebecca in Year 7, and not only within the same year group. It makes me proud to see it and it’s such a valuable thing for them to learn.

In the last few weeks we have noticed that some students have started to use their phones in non designated areas and times, eg in corridors and in lessons. We will be clarifying with all students in assemblies that phones should only be used during social time (break and lunch) and in specific areas, canteen and outside break areas. At all other times phones must be kept in bags and should not be out in lessons unless they are being used for learning as directed by teachers.

If phones are used when and where they shouldn't be they will be confiscated and parents will need to collect them from reception. For students who persistently use their phones inappropriately they will not be allowed to bring them to school. We understand how important phones are to students, and they can be valuable learning tools, but they must be used at the right time and in the right place otherwise they are disruptive. Whilst several schools do not permit mobile phones I do want our students to continue to use them. Advancements in the use of technology mean that we are able to develop learning apps for our students that they can use on their mobile phones and I know as a parent myself how reassuring it can be to be able to contact our children when we need to. Thank you for your support.

I attended a very productive Student Council meeting on Thursday. The students and parents from the Parent/Community group all agreed they would like to find out more about the locker rental scheme which will be brought to the next meeting. Thank you to Ryde Town Council for coming along to speak to us and to our canteen providers who came along to hear Student Council feedback and talk about future plans.
  The Council appreciated the flapjacks they brought along!

The exams are in full swing now and we are holding revision workshops in the May half term. Emails have been sent out with the timetable and a copy can also be found on our website under the Exams tab.

Have a lovely weekend whether you are enjoying the Royal wedding, the FA Cup Final or the sunshine.