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6 October 2017

posted 6 Oct 2017, 07:47 by Nat Admin

It’s good to see students themselves making more contributions to the Newsletter. As mentioned in previous Newsletters we now have our own team of ‘Roving Reporters’ who report on and take photos of events in the Academy. Thank you to the team for their contributions as well as to all the other students sending in stories and writing reports for us.

I have been speaking to all the students in their assemblies about earphones which have started to become a permanent fixture for some of them. We are happy for students to listen to music during their break and lunch in designated areas but they must be removed as soon as break and lunch time is over. If we see students wearing them we will confiscate them and call home and ask parents to come and collect them. Thank you for your support with this.

We had a really successful Open Evening on Thursday and I would like to thank all the parents who attended as well as all our students, including the Prefect team, who stayed behind to help.

We will be sending letters home next week with further information about the extended half term and arrangements for the first day back.

Next week a group of our students will be at Ryde School as part of an event to celebrate the Isle of Wight Literary Festival. We attended last year and students took part in a variety of activities including a workshop with an author which everyone enjoyed. I look forward to hearing more about it next week.

Some of our dance students will also be attending a 42nd Street workshop with Millie O’Connell on Thursday.

Have a lovely weekend.