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STEM Year 6 Family Learning

posted 17 Jul 2018, 05:53 by N Nelson
Last week families of Year 6 students who will be joining the academy in September were invited by Mrs Baxter and Mr Nicholson to the STEM Inspiration room.

Families were given an introduction to computing, learning that a computer is an electronic device that takes and input from a user and processes to an output. This can be applied to phones, tablets, laptops, robots and much more.

Mr Nicholson explained how there is a shortage of workers with digital skills and how learning to code is a great career choice for both boys and girls.

Once an understanding of the real world applications of computers was established, participants went on to learn how we program these inputs and outputs. A BBC Micro:bit was used to demonstrate physical computing on a smaller scale. Families were able to program one of the input buttons on the Micro:bit to output their names or pictures they had created on the tiny screens.

We hope everyone had a good time and learnt some new skills.