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Year 11 Study Leave

Submitted by admin.rya on Fri 24 May 2013 - 17:50

Year 11 students have now been given Study Leave to take effect immediately. A letter was sent home with students today. The commitment and effort of students has been exemplary leading up to this decision and I am convinced that their preparations have been valuable in school. We are now in the situation where some students have a large number of timetabled lessons in subjects where they have already completed their final examination.

During study leave students need to maximise their time at home and at school. We will still be putting on lessons for those subjects where examinations are not complete. There will also be lessons available for students who still need to attend vocational courses to complete coursework. Students must come in for these lessons.
If a student comes on site for an examination then they need to follow the guidance already issued by the examination officer.
For any other reason than an exam, students must sign in and out at Student Services for Health & Safety purposes when arriving and leaving school premises. Students must not wander the site and full school uniform is required at all times including all examinations.
Blazers and Ties
We would like year 11 students to donate their blazers and ties to student services to provide us with a stock which we can use. If you would like to do so then can you please do this after your last exam as you leave the premises.
I personally want to wish all students good luck in their examinations and look forward to seeing them on results day in the summer. I also look forward to seeing as many as possible return for Post 16 as a large number have already applied to attend next year.
Yours sincerely
Rob Hoddle