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2018 Island Environmental Conference

posted 25 Jul 2018, 01:01 by N Nelson

At the end of the last term 6th Form students attended the 2018 Island Environmental Conference held at Cowes Yacht Club.

The event was held to bring together Island Councillors, Students, Businesses and leaders in the subject of ecology to discuss and introduce ideas for a more eco friendly island. Activities included keynotes and workshops focused on subjects such as Biodiversity, Energy, Regeneration and a plastic free island.

Stand out keynotes included a talk from Professor Matthew Cragoe who discussed the concept of the Isle of Wight as a biosphere. Biospheres are communities centred around conservation areas, these conservation areas benefit the community with natural spaces, but also tourism and business growth. A document was signed to approve the island for nomination to be the UK’s next biosphere.

Professor AbuBakr led a discussion on Energy consumption on the Isle of Wight. He highlighted evidence that his team had collected that showed how many rooftops in Cowes could be used to generate solar power. The statistics shows that the island could easily generate large amounts of power that it needed.

Dr Phil Morley from APS Produce Ltd, formally Wight Salads discussed their amazing facilities. They are very eco friendly in their growing methods and compost their own waste, they also produce a large amount of the islands electricity from their plants. A very green way to produce energy from vegetable matter.

The workshops involved island students collaborating with business mentors. Ideas included free bus passes to encourage young people to use public transport, shared community makerspaces and reward schemes for recycling.

An informative and inspiring conference for all, with high praise given to the students taking part.