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6th Formers Health Promotion Campaign

posted 6 Dec 2016, 02:24 by Nat Admin
Thank you to the Year 13 Double Award Health & Social Care class for sending us information about work they have been doing as part of their Public Health unit.  They investigated various health promotion campaigns as well as delivering their own campaign.

The students carried out a Sugar Smart campaign about the dangers of sugar and how to live a healthier lifestyle by changing sugar habits. They went to four Year 7 form groups to deliver a presentation about sugar and work on activities which involved the children matching the food products to the amount of sugar they thought was in them. This has expanded their knowledge of sugar, helped them to make healthier choices and shocked them when they found out about the hidden sugars that are in foods they eat on a day-to-day basis. The 6th formers also put up a display board in the canteen promoting the Sugar Swap and Sugar Smart campaigns from Change 4 Life.

One of the form tutors who saw their sugar campaign said "Good introduction with questions included to engage students with the class. Really good presentation and important choice of topic, thank you".

The students said "we think we have helped to change the opinions of these children, as they were all really shocked by the sheer amount of sugar in some foods. The before and after questionnaires also showed how much they had learnt about sugar and the guidelines surrounding sugar".

Yi Chin, Lauren Long, Lauren Battman, Chloe Churches and Chloe Connolly