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Cyber Security Class

posted 18 Jul 2018, 05:13 by N Nelson
David Hill from Portsmouth University visited us last week to introduce Year 12 Computer Science students to Cyber Security.

They learnt how easy it is to recover data, gain entry to computers and how ethical hacking is a wise career choice that can help many companies remain secure.

Students were given a hacking challenge, where they accessed a real website, running a Python program to gain more information about it’s structure, then using that information to find hidden pages. These hidden pages contained clues and a breadcrumb trail that led students to a hidden ciphertext. Once this text was deciphered they were able to find a login page. SQL Injection techniques, which involve using code to manipulate a hidden database which then allowed them to login and gain access to the private information.

A very engaging activity which showed 6th Form students some of the University Degree options they may not have considered. At the end of the session pupils were able to try out some virtual reality equipment, which David kindly brought along.