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National Citizen Service

posted 21 Sep 2018, 05:25 by N Nelson
Dear Parents/Guardians

National Citizen Service (NCS) is a once in a lifetime opportunity open to all 16 to 17 year olds in the country. NCS is a part-residential experience focused around fun and discovery and takes place outside of term-time in the Autumn half-term break. 

If your Young Person takes part, they will be building skills for work and life, taking on exciting challenges, making new friends, and contributing to their community. Due to government funding the cost of the programme is £35 (with bursaries available if this cost is too high).  This represents great value for money as all activities and food are included.

NCS is something that is recognised by employers and UCAS as a way to develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills and is a great use of the Autumn half-term break.

The Programme:

Phase 1 – Friday 19th October until Monday 22nd October Residential

Phase 2 – Tuesday 23rd October until Thursday 25th October

Phase 3 – Friday 26th October and Saturday 27th October

Phase 4 – Saturday 3rd November and Sunday 4th November

Phase 1: For four days, your Young Person will stay away from their local area and take on outward bound challenges, participating in activities such as kayaking, archery and rock climbing in their teams – with the focus on developing confidence and team building.

Phase 2: For three days, your Young Person will travel to and from UKSA. They will attend workshops which will, build independence, cooking for them-selves and budgeting, developing new skills and finding out more about the needs of their local community.

Phase 3-4: Your Young Person is back at home but continues to work in their team to give something back to their community by planning and delivering a social action project. They will pitch for funding to kick-start their chosen project and host fundraising events.

Graduation: You and your Young Person will be invited to a graduation ceremony to celebrate their achievements and receive a certificate signed by the Prime Minister. As part of the NCS Graduate Programme graduates get access to unique opportunities to continue volunteering and stay connected to each other and their local community.

To sign up online go to www.ncsyes.co.uk or contact Lisa on the details below for an application form.  If filling out an application form payment can then be made by cheque (made payable to UKSA) or by card by calling 01983 203037.

If you would like more information either about the programme, or how to sign your Young Person up, please contact Lisa on 01983 294941 or email lisa.mcginty@uksa.org

Yours faithfully,

Lisa McGinty

NCS Coordinator, UKSA


01983 294941