Careers Seminars

posted 23 May 2017, 03:54 by Nat Admin   [ updated 25 May 2017, 02:44 ]
We are running a series of Careers Questions and Answers sessions for year 10 after half term. If you are thinking you would like to work in one of the fields below, it is your opportunity to put your questions to someone doing that job and find out more about it first hand. 

Weds 14th June, 8.30am: Nursing - find out what the job really entails from two nurses from St Mary's hospital who specialise in mental health.

Thursday 15th June, 3.00pm: Early Years Education and Childcare - several recently qualified practitioners who work in a range of settings are coming to answer your questions about the variety of opportunities available.

Tuesday 20th June, 8.30am: Midwifery - what are the best bits and worst bits of this field.

Thursday 22nd June, 3.00pm: Sports, Leisure and Outdoor Education - this session is aimed at anyone interested in a career in training, leisure management or teaching or who would like to spend a season abroad coaching.

Thursday 22nd June, 3.00pm: Civil Engineering - meet some engineers who work for Island Roads.

Thursday 6th July, 8.30am: Engineering - find out from an Island based engineering company of the range of opportunities and whether an apprenticeship might be suitable for you.

Thursday 6th July, 3.00pm: VFX and Gaming - find out about the diverse jobs in this new, exciting industry.

Please contact Mrs Merrett for further information and to sign up.